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Home >Products >TRIOPO TRIPOD >Triopo GT-228C Carbon Fiber Tripod
Triopo GT-228C Carbon Fiber Tripod

Triopo GT-228C Carbon Fiber Tripod

RM  680.00  480.00  
Item details
Weight: 1 kg, 500 grams
Stock: Stock available
Manufacturer: Triopo
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4 sec

4 sec

Tube diameter

28 mm

24 mm

Maximum height

145 cm 

127 mm

Fold height

45 cm

50 cm

Minimum height

32 cm


Maximum Load

12 kg



1.3 kg


 Tripod GT-228C is a product of a series of racks, "Traveler" - characterized by the ability to reverse the tripod legs during transport by 180 degrees in order to reduce its size. It was made from a new generation of carbon fiber, which is characterized by a combination of very low weight and high strength. Its maximum load is 10 kg, while weighing only 730 grams. Tripod legs are divided into four sections, the amount of which is regulated by screws. Each section is separated by a special seal that prevents the ingress of sand, dust and moisture. Stabilizer can be individually adjusted in the ranges of 25, 55 and 80 degrees. On one leg was placed in special foam for more comfort using a tripod at low temperatures.

An additional feature is the ability to transform a simple tripod monopod. Simply unscrew one of the tripod legs, attach to it as part of a set of column-mount to the head and now we can enjoy a fully featured monopod.



Extendable central column of the tripod GT-228C has the ability to attach in the inverted position. At its end is the handle that allows for the attachment of the weight of increasing the stability of a tripod. Base Mounting head is equipped with a silicone gasket that protects the tripod legs against damage during transport.